What’s in a name?

I thought I should address the thinking behind my blog’s name and tagline.  The title is rather obvious if you have ever met me as I have a red goatee (many call me a giant leprechaun).  My wife, Sara, and I have a dream of opening our own bar which we want to call “Red Beard Tavern.”  Being the excellent graphic designer that she is, Sara has already designed a logo for our dream bar.  Maybe it should be my blog’s logo.  The other thing I want to explain is my tagline “Everything’s coming up Joe.”  I used to be an avid Simpsons viewer and during an episode in which something actually went right for Milhouse he shouted, “everything’s coming up Milhouse.”  I got a good chuckle out that and here I am years later re-using this line for my blog.  I hope this explains my thought process behind the top of the page and gives you a little insight into me.


Still searching…

This job hunting thing can be quite discouraging.  I am having a difficult time selling myself.  I know I have all the abilities and desire to accomplish anything.  What I don’t seem to have is the magic to portray that to employers.  I have earned my Bachelor’s degree (in 4 years, which very few actually accomplish) and my desire to prove myself know no limits.  I just need someone willing to take a chance on me.  I will not disappoint.

Is this the start of something big?

Well here goes nothing!  I’ve decided to join the rest of the world and jump on the blog bandwagon.  I figure I can use this medium to vent, celebrate, or just speak my mind.  I have a lot of interests and a ton of things to say about them.  From time-to-time I may write a story or simply report my observations.  I encourage any reader I may have to leave a comment should they feel it necessary.  Please feel free to comment on my writing style or the topic of conversation.  My hope for this endeavor is to fulfill my enjoyment for writing and provide something for my readers, whether it be educational or anecdotal.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I hope to.  Thank you for reading.